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All served on nan bread with your choice of salad and/or sauce unless stated otherwise.

Donner Kebab


Special Donner Kebab

Donner meat on your choice of 10" or 12" plain garlic bread with chips & salad plus chilli & garlic mayo dips

Donner & Chips

In a tray without nan bread or salad.

Donner, Chips & Cheese

In a tray without nan bread or salad

Chicken Kebab


Lamb Shish Kebab


Mixed Kebab

Donner, lamb chop, chicken & lamb shish

House Speciality

Donner, lamb shish, lamb chop & chicken shish with chips, salad & grilled vegetables all on top of a garlic bread

Portion of Donner Meat

Without nan bread or salad. Choose from medium or large.

Special Chicken Kebab

Chicken shish & donner meat with chips & salad

Special Lamb Shish Kebab

Lamb shish & donner meat with chips & salad

4U Special Chicken

Succulent, fresh and juicy marinated 100% chicken breast cooked to perfection with garlic, lamb donner, grilled tomato, grilled mushroom, grilled onion, grilled green pepper, chips, salad plus chilli and garlic mayo dips.

4U Special Mix

A combination of lamb shish and chicken grill, lamb chops, lamb donner, grilled tomato, mushroom, grilled mushroom, grilled onion, garlic, grilled green pepper, chips and salad plus chilli and garlic mayo dips.

Big Box Dish

For 2 Persons served in a big box:
  • Lamb donner meat
  • Lamb chopĀ 
  • Chicken kebab
  • Lamb shish kebab
  • Chilli & garlic mayo dips
  • 2 x Nan breads
  • Grilled tomato, mushroom, onion and green pepper
  • Chips
  • Side salad
  • 2 x Cans of Pepsi